Access to Water and Toilet Facilities for the Unhoused in Denver

This research was conducted from 2020-2023 by students and professors from Regis University and the University of Denver in collaboration with the Denver based advocacy organization Housekeys Action Network Denver (HAND).  Together we mapped 271 publicly available water fountains and toilets in the City of Denver, conducted 193 surveys and 5 focus groups with unhoused people. 

28% of people surveyed reported a physical health challenge related to poor access to WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) services and 32% reported a mental health challenge. 77% of people surveyed reported finding a bathroom was a challenge. 82% of people living unsheltered did not have bathroom access within 2 blocks. 65% of all people surveyed reported finding water was a challenge and 67% of people living unsheltered did not have access to a water source within 2 blocks. About half of the survey respondents said they did not have enough water for their daily needs and the average amount used daily was 10.4 liters.

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