Our Work

The fight for housing must be directed by those needing the housing. This direction must be found through street outreach – meeting people where they are at to gather input and direction on the communities priorities. The fight for these housing priorities is the work of the community to keep standing up, speaking up, and doing the work to create the world we want to live in. 

At this time HAND is focused on two areas of work:

Housing Outreach Survey

This survey is a project of WRAP and HAND together. It is used in outreach to gather input, information, and expertise from houseless and formerly houseless people on what kind of housing is desired, how that housing should be accessed, and other housing policies. What people tell us will serve as the foundation of further work for housing.

Housing Survey English.pdf

Encuesta de Vivienda Español.pdf

Public Housing Research

This research aims to answer the following questions…

  • What is the state of public housing in Denver?
  • What is the possibility for public housing in Denver?
  • What is the need for public housing in Denver?

We are partnering with The Center for Housing and Homelessness Research to do this research.