Update on our Meeting with the Mayor and “House” 1000 Demands 

Update on our Meeting with the Mayor and “House” 1000 Demands 

In our letter to the Mayor, shared publicly, we demanded a meeting with the Mayor this week before the City Council vote on renewing the State of Emergency. 

The Mayor did meet with us on Thursday. 

We went over the specific minimal demands we are asking the Mayor to take action on including following the promises he made regarding when and how he would sweep houseless encampments, prioritizing vulnerable people for hotel/micro unit opportunities, and transparency and accountability measures for the shelters used in the “house” 1000 initiative (see full demands). The Mayor did not make any specific commitments to implementing these demands, but did say he is open and interested in some of them and wants to meet again to discuss these more. (A more detailed update on the meeting to come soon).

With this, we are asking the public and City Council members to join us in making these demands heard and asking the Mayor for action! We are not asking that CIty Council vote NO on the State of Emergency at this time, but we are asking that the City Council demand the Mayor to follow his promises regarding sweeps, prioritize vulnerable people, and institute transparency and accountability measures for shelter providers part of the “house” 1000 – and that he work directly with us on the details of each of these things.   

While we would ultimately like a total overhaul of the “house” 1000 initiative to end all sweeps and create real housing (in line with these 6 criteria), we are asking for these minimal and very doable actions to give relief to people without housing in Denver. 

Join us Monday 10/16 4pm at City Hall (14th and Bannock) to make our voices heard and demand real action be taken – we cannot be silent until we see change in action. 

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