Poverty Tow Bill at Council again on Monday: Tell Council VOTE NO to Poverty Tows!@#

Poverty Tow Bill at Council again on Monday: Tell Council VOTE NO to Poverty Tows!@#

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This vehicle could be impounded under proposed law just for having rusty dents #Not a Junker!

Last Monday City Council postponed their vote on the Poverty Tows (23-0373) bill due to community pressure and concerns from American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) about the bill. Now the City Council is again supposed to vote on this bill on Monday. 

City Council needs to hear from YOU before Monday!!! Email City Council today to ask that they VOTE NO!! (see emails at the bottom of this email).

Come to City Hall (1437 Bannock St) Monday May 8th 3pm!! Pack the Room to show Council we can’t stand for this! 

The proposed bill 23-0373 amends language in existing law around parking for all vehicles and specifically targets poor people’s vehicles who cannot afford to keep a perfect, pristine vehicle. The bill gives the city the authority to impound vehicles for things as minor as a broken windshield, a flat tire, or a missing tail light. 

Under this bill, your vehicle can be impounded simply if you do not move it every 72 hours. If you are sick, in the hospital, at work, or out of town you could lose your vehicle. 

Do we really want to be a City that takes vehicles from people who are sick and can’t move their vehicle? From people who are at work and can’t move their vehicle? From people who are poor and trying to save money for repairs? 

This bill was thrown together and pushed through council with no community input process. It was crafted by two council members on their way out of council to try and slip through a serious bill affecting all Denverites – targeted especially at poor and houseless vehicle owners. This bill should be killed. 

You can read the full bill here https://denver.legistar.com/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=6121205&GUID=2FF57337-110D-4BCF-8B53-F9D9D72159D1&Options=&Search=

Read our line by line concerns with the bill here https://housekeysactionnetwork.com/2023/04/20/tell-city-council-to-vote-no-on-large-vehicle-and-junker-parking-bill-23-0373/ 

Your voice is needed!!! Please email the City Council TODAY and tell them why this bill should not be passed. Tell your story. Do you have a vehicle that has a broken windshield and would be subject to tow? Have you been in the hospital for a week and unable to move your vehicle? Have you had your vehicle towed while you were at work and living in your vehicle? Tell your story. Tell Council to VOTE NO on 23-0373. 

City Council Emails: 














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