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Swept to Nowhere:
Experiences and Recommendations from Unhoused People During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A critical foundation for understanding how sweeps are being conducted on the Denver streets and what changes should be implemented to further protect the rights, lives, and health of people without housing in Denver.

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The Struggle For Space
Homelessness and the Politics of Dys-appearance in American Cities

In seeking thoughtful reflections on space–and how we might be able to better understand the
many human experiences with ‘space’ — we asked nine artists to produce a piece that speaks to his
or her personal experience with homelessness.

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Too High A Price
What criminalizing homelessness costs Colorado

Through a comprehensive analysis of the enforcement of anti-homeless laws, this report examines the cost—economic and social—anti-homeless laws impose upon all Colorado citizens.

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Unhealthy by Design
Public Health Consequences of Denver’s Criminalization of Homelessness

Quality of Life policing undermines the health and safety of people experiencing homelessness. This study finds that adequate housing/shelter options and personal hygiene facilities are not available on the scale needed.

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No Right to Rest
Criminalizing Homelessness in Colorado

Colorado’s policy of criminalizing homelessness has reduced the quality of life for homeless people, resulted in millions of spent taxpayer dollars for policing and jails, and catalyzed longer, more troubled, spells of homelessness.

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Denver Camping Ban
A Report from the Street

This study reports on the results of a street survey of 512 homeless respondents in central Denver. A team of trained surveyors contacted homeless respondents in parks, on the streets, in shelters and in service programs. In a 58 question survey, homeless respondents were asked about their experiences with Denver’s camping ban and how it impacted their lives.

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