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In Denver there are less than 20,000 housing units for people at or under 30% the Area Median Income (AMI), $22,050 a year for a single person, for a total of roughly 40,000 people under 30% AMI. That means more than half of all Denver residents making 30% AMI or less have nowhere they can afford to rent. Rent is at an all time high averaging 1,877 a month for an apartment. 

Needless to say, thousands of people are living without housing in Denver. 

Critique of HOST 5 Year Housing Plan

The Office of Housing Stability (HOST) put out their most recent 5 Year Housing Plan in 2021. This plan shows clearly how the City has no plan to end homelessness or even increase attainable housing options in any significant way. This critique of the plan goes into detail on how short this plan is of meeting the actual housing need. 

Read Our Critique of HOST Housing Plan Here

Advocate for Housing Now 

Here are some ways you can advocate for housing right now!

*Note: If you are homeless you can still do all these things regardless of whether you have an address. You can claim all council districts and all neighborhoods, or pick the ones you stay in the most. 

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