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Immediate Action for City Council Re: Homelessness 

Immediate Action for City Council Re: Homelessness 

The following is a list of legislative, budget, or other actions City Council should take to address the immediate needs of houseless people in Denver. Some of these take money and some do not. 

We are more than happy to go into further detail on any one of these points. This is just a reference list which can be further elaborated in order to effectively follow these steps. Please turn to us for assistance in implementing these actions. 

Immediate Action for City Council Re: Homelessness – No Money Needed


Repeal the Camping Ban

Repeal the Sit Lie Law

Ban Sweeps (in any form) under 32 degrees

Ban the use of fencing, boulders, and other such barriers on public right of way 

End Contract with Environmental Hazmat Services (EHS) 


Repeal large/dwelling vehicle parking laws 

Prohibit impound of vehicle homes

At least enact a moratorium on the new toll bill as well as a moratorium on Denver Fire issuing warrants on RVs/campers/trailers until the issues surrounding the 48-hour Outreach Window can be resolved. 

Prohibit impound lot from charging money to retrieve vehicles from impound if you are poor

Financial and other assistance with registration, insurance, and license plates


Do not sign new contracts with providers unless they include particular rights for residents 

Do not sign new contracts with providers unless they provide a plan for ventilation improvements and 24/7 bathroom access

Ask that any shelter contract include a transition plan to move guests out of the shelter and into real housing

Do not sign contracts with private security/detention agencies to profit off of houseless migrant imprisonment or support contracts with shelters that put time limits for migrant sheltering 

Support contracts for migrant sheltering with community leadership 


Do not sign contracts with houseless hotels unless they include particular rights for residents; including rights to not be forced to share a room with someone if you do not want to

Do not support the sale of any low cost hotel to be converted into high cost hotel or demolished for high end construction. 


Pass law to activate City Master leasing option (use existing emergency housing funds to start) 

Pass vacancy tax – directed toward low-income housing 

Pass law to start Denver Social Housing entity 

Pass laws to protect renters rights, including “just cause” eviction protections and more


Call for audit of all homelessness and housing funds (include in this discrimination, racism, transphobia in use of funds) 

Immediate Action for City Council Re: Homelessness – Money Needed


Fund trash services, bathrooms, water, and shapes dispensers at encampments and ensure DOTI, HOST, and other appropriate City agencies are set up to operate these services 

Fund the conversion of the triangle park at Lawrence, Park Ave, and Broadway into hygiene resource space 

Fund expansion of laundry and shower trucks 

Fund and support overdose prevention sites for Denver

Fund increased methadone access, including delivery for folks who have to wait at the hospital for treatment


Create vehicle repairs assistance fund for people living in vehicles 


Fund installation of proper air ventilation systems

Fund additional staffing for 24/7 access including bathroom access 

Fund plans to replace shelters with housing (keeping shelters only as what they were supposed to be – “emergency shelters”) 


Fund the acquisition of hotels (not currently used for poor people) to become housing – ensure hotel residents have housing rights 

Fund needed respite rooms for people coming from the hospital 


Fund City Master leasing

Fund Denver Social Housing creation

Fund eviction representation for all

Fund case manages to scale of need with no more than 20 clients 


Fund Denver Basic Income 


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