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Immediate Actions for Incoming Denver Mayor Re: Houselessness – No Money Needed

Immediate Actions for Incoming Denver Mayor Re: Houselessness – No Money Needed

The following is a list of actions that take no money you can take as Mayor immediately upon entering office. We will also send a list of actions that do take money later, but we want to give you this list to start with as they can be done right away. 

It is necessary to make it clear to begin with that all Sweeps and Camping Ban enforcement should be ended entirely. Pushing houseless people around our city, taking people’s only property, putting people in jail, and otherwise terrorizing people trying to survive is inhumane, unconstitutional, costly, and ineffective. It needs to end. We are not asking for sweeps to stop just because we don’t like them. We are asking Traumatic Displacements to stop because they are harming people and causing compounded trauma. They are hurting people and work in direct opposition to everything the CITY, HOST and their partner agencies say they are trying to do. They are causing injury (State Sponsored Injury) to a large segment of the community. Community members and Advocates have the ideas on what is needed and we need to listen to them and let them lead the way. 

Instead of sweeping visible houseless people from block to block, sanitation resources and support should be provided where people are at. Sweeps should be transformed into actual cleaning that does not displace people or trash vital property. This can happen immediately. 

And instead of treating houselessness as something to be criminalized, controlled, and hid, the City should treat houselessness as a system problem in a profit driven housing market and take responsibility to create the housing everyone needs. 

Some of the actions listed below, unfortunately, are starting from the assumption that you are not going to end the sweeps and camping ban enforcement. As long as this enforcement against survival continues, our community will suffer. Knowing what you said on the campaign trail about enforcing the camping ban, there is concern you will continue with camping ban enforcement and sweeps. The list below are actions you can take to at least reduce the harm on our community inflicted by anti-survival enforcement.  

We are more than happy to go into further detail on any one of these points. This is just a reference list which can be further elaborated in order to effectively follow these steps. Please turn to us for assistance in implementing these actions. 

Streets –  

(The first 11 actions here come from Swept to Nowhere which is a 2019 report from a survey with 150 houseless people living outside. See the report to read more detail on each of these action items.)

(The following actions were not listed in the 2019 report) 


Shelters – 


Other – 


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