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Aloft Resident Petition Nearly Met… But Not Yet!!!… 

Aloft Resident Petition Nearly Met… But Not Yet!!!… 

Support Needed for Moving Day April 27th

On March 29th, 2023, Aloft residents agreed on a demand to the City regarding either securing housing, or securing hotel stay until housing is attained. Residents gathered 39 Aloft resident signatures on this petition demanding the housing they all need. 

In the next couple weeks following this petition gathering, the housing situation for Aloft residents started to look up. The State housing vouchers started to come through and residents began moving to other hotels with a promise that they can stay there until they find housing with their voucher.  

As of today, April 21st, most residents are already at a new hotel or on-track to move to one while seeking housing with a housing voucher. This is what Aloft residents demanded, and this is what is happening! 

But success should not be counted until it is complete… As of today, the State vouchers and associated hotel stay have not been cleared for specifically Spanish-speaking undocumented Aloft residents – there is work being done to try and secure vouchers for these residents, but it is still uncertain. The City’s plan was to send these elderly, sick men to the Aurora SOS to live in a pallet shelter with no water access, bathroom other than a shared porta-potty, or even a proper bed!@# Sending these elderly men in very poor health to a pallet shelter while every other Aloft resident gets a hotel room with proper amenities and a housing voucher is discrimination, and we will not stand for it!@% Documented or not, these men need safe housing like everyone else! If the State vouchers do not come through for these men, they need the City to bridge them in a hotel just like everyone else, along with the community coming together to help them find housing. Stay tuned for updates…

Next week, Thursday April 27th, is the final closing day at Aloft. While many residents have already moved to other hotels, there are still some left at Aloft who will need help moving and overall support on Thursday. We, Housekeys Action Network Denver, will be on site (in the parking lot or sidewalk) all day Thursday to support residents during a stressful and emotional time. Please come help between 8am and 5pm on Thursday April 27th if you can! 

Here are useful things to bring: 

Please contact us if you plan to come and bring any of these things! 

Residents still need additional support in this transition to pay for storage, transportation, food, and we still might need significant funding to support undocumented residents depending if the State or City do the right thing… So please still donate to the GoFundMe! 

Onwards towards housing for all…

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