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Quality Inn Residents Unexpectedly Receive Notices to Go to Shelters Before Posted Closure

Yesterday, a large number of at-risk residents at Quality Inn received notices on their doors saying they must leave next week, listing different days for different people staggered between September 6th and 9th, although the hotel was set to close September 16th. Multiple married couples received notices being told they will be split up to go to men’s and women’s shelters. This included a couple of 14 years, and another couple of 4 years in which the woman is the legal caregiver for a mentally disabled husband who struggles with reading and writing, dependent on her support. Individuals with pets are told they must make plans to get rid of them, including a dog owner who has raised her dog for 14 years. Elderly people with serious health issues have been assigned check-out days next week to go to a shelter. Everyone in this position has been allotted only a single “garbage bag” quantity of personal belongings. Some of their testimonies are below:

Quotes (each bullet point is a different hotel resident who received a notice):

After Quality Inn residents boldly made their demands for housing heard on Monday, the decision makers chose, just two days later, to post premature eviction notices on many of their doors and tell them to dissolve their families and have their single garbage bag ready to go to a shelter more than one week before the scheduled closing. This is cruel and calculated. We must support this most at-risk community of disabled and elderly poor and deliver the permanent supportive housing they need to survive.

Housing for Quality Residents NOW!

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