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Housekeys Action Network Denver is Raising Funds

Dear People,

This Summer Solstice we are asking our community for support! As the sun burns brighter our people’s resolve to make our voices heard burns ever stronger. We need your support to fight for a day where everyone has access to a safe, cool place to call home. Between June 21st and July 8th, as the sun raises we are raising funds for our work. 

Housekeys Action Network Denver (HAND) hit the ground running in March of this year, gathering over 800 surveys with houseless people about housing desires, priorities and experiences!! We have held four community forums gathering direction about housing priorities and conducted in-depth interviews about housing. All of this will be the foundation of our fight for housing. We partnered with a Denver University class to gather data about the state of public housing both nationally and in Denver. This critical information will reveal the continued disinvestment from public housing that our communities depend on. 

We are in the midst of compiling all this data and research to be presented in a report. We are expecting to finish this report sometime in September. 

Meanwhile we continue to hit the streets with our outreach team three days a week every week to gather direction, share information, and engage more houseless people in the fight for housing and rights. Our outreach team of houseless and formerly houseless people is in the community building the revolution – one conversation at a time. 

This all takes money. Over 75% of our funds go directly to people who are houseless or formerly houseless who are doing this work as part of our outreach team or engaging on the streets. Our goal is to raise over $5,530 (for the number of houseless people counted in Denver in the one day count plus the countless more people uncounted) in the next 3 weeks from community members like you who support this work. 

Can you contribute to that goal today?!?

Paypal – you can donate via our PayPal directly 
Check – you can send us a check made out to…
Housekeys Action Network Denver
Mailed to…
Housekeys Action Network Denver
2921 W 38th Ave #148
Denver, CO 80211
For a tax deductible donation send it to our fiscal sponsor and write ‘for Housekeys Action Network Denver’ in the memo line:
Western Regional Advocacy Project
2940 16th St Suite 200-2 
San Francisco, CA 94103

And mark your calendar for Jul 2, 2022 at 1pm! We will be holding a Summer fundraising event at Cheesman park. Look forward to fun in the sun! More on this soon…

This Summer we build a foundation to build the fight for housing for all. You can be part of this work by donating. Together we work for a day when housing is no longer a commodity for the rich, but is a public resource for all. 

Thank you and onwards…
Housekeys Action Network Denver

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